Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier-Cedar Valley 50: Waterloo's own 'Sistine Chapel' rendition has worldwide recognition

17/03/2017 02:45

We're telling the story of the Cedar Valley in 50 objects.

We put our heads together and chose 50 people, places and things that you can look at and readily identify as unique to our community.

Check back daily to see a new object. We will compile the entire list as we go on our website,wcfcourier.com. Watch soon for a fun memory game to play online with the pictures.

WATERLOO | Somewhat hidden in the rebirth of downtown Waterloo is The Catacomb Lounge & Galleria de Paco.

Perhaps that’s what artist Paco Rosic had in mind when he created his version of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel to the downtown mosaic, at 622 Commercial St.

Rosic escaped the former Yugoslavia and his birthplace, Sarajevo, with his family and early talent for art and went to Germany as a teenager. There, he furthered his love of art and culture before settling with his family in Waterloo in 1997.
While in Waterloo, Rosic began to develop his art through genres such as tagging and other community projects that brought attention to his work and talent. He further honed his skill to produce paintings and other works that are displayed throughout the Cedar Valley in restaurants, museums, walls and government buildings.

About 10 years after his arrival in Waterloo, Rosic decided to elevate his art even further by opening his own gallery while undertaking a project that no other artist had attempted: He went to Rome to study Michelangelo's masterpiece and replicate this amazing work through his own aerosol interpretation. His dedication and the labor-intensive project led to the Galleria de Paco restaurant and Catacomb Lounge. The establishment houses various examples of Rosic’s work.

Rosic’s “Sistine Chapel” drew global media attention and has been featured on various news and talk shows, as well as the Internet.


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