Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier-Some of the many things that make the Cedar Valley unique

17/03/2017 02:50

Over the past few days you may have noticed the beginning of our daily series that celebrates people, places, events and things that make the Cedar Valley such a unique place to call home.

Get ready for a lot more.

Cedar Valley 50 is a compilation by a committee of Courier editors, all who have long roots in the community both as residents and as journalists who make a living covering the area. The list of 50 will carry features into the beginning of September.

Some you can’t miss; others require a little more effort to see. All have become part of our lives in the Cedar Valley.

Look for these daily features that can include important people, landmarks, events and objects that may have a large hand in Cedar Valley history, economics, recreation, tourism, business, the arts and much more.

Our hope is the list has something in there for everybody that works here and plays here. A sampling of our first few days included:

  • Galleria de Paco Restaurant and the Catacomb Lounge. The business features owner Paco Rosic’s unique artwork, including his stunning version of the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, which graces the ceiling of his business at 622 Commercial St.
  • The Green Goddesses. The four statues that sit atop the River Plaza building on West Park Avenue in Waterloo have an interesting and long history in the city.
  • The Ice House Museum in Cedar Falls. The unique and historic round structure houses exhibits about the history of ice harvesting and tells a story of how the Cedar River shaped the city of Cedar Falls.
  • College Hill in Cedar Falls. It's a hub of activity for generations of college students at the University of Northern Iowa, as well as other nearby Cedar Valley citizens and visitors.

There are dozens more to follow in our daily editions, all of which will be added on our website. Also included on our site will be a memory game based loosely on the game Concentration.

The game, which will be added next week, will include the images of the daily features that people can identify on a variety of grids, depending on how much time and effort participants want to expend.

This should be a fun exercise for those lifelong Cedar Valley residents and those who have moved away and keep up with the area through online resources.

Catch our stories and photos over the next several weeks. While everyone has their own experiences and meaningful links to the Cedar Valley, we hope we will be touching on many that make the Cedar Valley unique.


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