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Gallery C in Dubuque, IA

Paco Rosic creations combine artistic elements of both movement and fine art, blending kinetic...

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September 12, 2015  To  October 2, 2015
Black Earth Gallery- Cedar Rapids, IA

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August 6, 2015  To  September 20, 2015
Polk Country Heritage Gallery Des Moiones, IA

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August 3, 2015  To  August 5, 2015
Kaiulani Gallery, Waterloo, IA

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January 10, 2006  To  February 10, 2006
Walls of Fame, Okoboji Art Museum, IA

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September 1, 2005  To  October 1, 2005
The Debut Gallery, Cedar Falls, IA

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June 1, 2005  To  August 8, 2005
Waterloo Museum of Art, Waterloo, IA

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May 8, 2004  To  June 15, 2004


KPLR 11 St. Louis news

20/04/2017 06:41

Please click here to see the video clip

ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The history of St. Louis is being brought to life in a giant mural in south St. Louis off Arsenal Street.

Armed with an arsenal of aerosol, Paco Rosic eyes his next move.

“It's going to be Café Piazza serving pizzas, European styles. So I was thinking, 'What am I doing in St. Louis?' I can do St. Louis, cause St. Louis has a huge history," Rosic said.

The Iowa-based international artist has walked down St. Louis' past by putting it on top of a soon to open pizza parlor in the shadow of the Anheuser Busch brewery.

Vito Lafata III of Café Piazza sees value in the artwork.

“There`s a saying in Sicily: 'un café,' which means, 'let’s go get a cup of coffee' and play hooky for a half an hour and just converse," Lafata said. "It will get people to start talking about history, they might stumble into family history or St. Louis history or just great conversation”.

With push point precision, the Bosnian-born Rosic is creating his own Michelangelo by using an empty storage area as his canvas.

Here, he maps out the river city's history using only spray paint.

On top of his St. Louis Sistine like ceiling, Rosic works around the clock to complete the history of St. Louis in three dimension if you stand in the center of the room.

Café Piazza, in Benton Park is looking at an early summer opening. And you'll be looking up if you find yourself walking through their doors and into the mind of Paco Rosic and how he sees this city's history, so far.


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